Have you ever had someone in your life that you really looked up to and thought that everything they said could apply to your life? Well, if you haven’t you need to have this experience. Everyone needs a Mentor. It is vital and crucial for your growth in Jesus Christ. Mentors give advice, pray and encourage those that they mentor, AND you don’t have to know everything to be a mentor.

Cindy Beall stated about Mentoring, “…to have people speaking into my life regularly is what caused such a passion to rise up in me for mentoring. We were not created to go through life alone. We have all experienced things in life that can benefit someone else.”

Here are some points comprised from OKC Lifechurch.TV Mentoring class June 4, 2011.

~Mentoring is empowering another person by sharing your experiences and resources.
~Mentoring is a God Journey that you take together.
~Mentoring is a way to help others reach their “God” potential!
~Mentoring is about who you are, what people see in you, than what you “know”.
~You don’t have to be perfect to be a Mentor.
~Mentoring is not a program, but a lifestyle and a culture.
~Three stages of Mentoring: Initiating the relationship, maintaining a healthy balance, and transitioning (finding end or change).
~To inspire change in those that are mentored, one must provide challenging opportunities and intentional conversations.
~Mentoring is not about you, it’s about what the person mentored wants, not what the Mentor wants to see happen.
~A mentoring relationship can start with reading a resource together and discussing it. Ask: What one thing stuck out? What do you disagree with? What is your favorite quote? What is the action to take?
~Remember not to over-talk. If you come to the end of Mentoring time together and you have said everything that you want to say, you said too much.
~The difference between mentoring and counseling: staying in the future and what is next, instead of the past and previous healing.

“I want to make a difference and leave this world knowing that I did!”

If you are interested in finding a mentor, check out Findamentor.TV provided by the Lifechurch.TV~Oklahoma City campus.


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