Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore…or California…

On Monday evening, my cousin, Willie and Uncle Jerry flew in from California. They were here to visit my family and grandma for a week. Tuesday, May 24, was Willie Rose’s 22nd birthday, BUT she got a very different birthday present, because on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, multiple tornadoes tore through Oklahoma leaving at least eight people dead and dozens more injured. The main massive twister left a trail of damage 50 miles long.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Willie Rose! We were planning to take her to dinner and celebrate, but the weather changed our plans. She experienced the scare of Oklahoma weather. AND she still wants to move here and live with us! Amazing! BUT there were not just tornadoes in Oklahoma, but Kansas, Texas and Arkansas as well, all on the same night. Storms raged through Dallas and Denton, and also Hugoton and Great Bend, Kansas.

On Wednesday evening, our Lifegroup went out to Piedmont on Northwest Expressway and helped a family of 6 clean up debris and try to put their life back together. We assisted the Piedmont Church of Christ group at this home.  The sweet man who lived there spoke very little english, and every time someone spoke to him, tears welled up in his eyes. It was so surreal and sad to speak with him but see the appreciation on his face to have the help with the cleanup. (Photo below by Eric Urbach)

(Photos below taken by myself)

Lifechurch-OKC had several families who attend our church and live in Cashion, that lost everything and our church has rallied together and provided shelter, food and cleanup the past week and will continue to do it throughout the coming weeks. I am in awe at the servant hearts of our church members. Praise God for each one of them. (Photos below by Sunny Thomas)

The devastation that stretched across our state was unbelievable and I pray for each family and life that was affected by these massive tornado storms, prayers for strength as they rebuild their lives and thank God for the ones who survived! Thoughts and prayers for each family that lost loved ones for comfort and healing.


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