Leaders cannot show the way until the know the way

From the YouVersion.com Bible plan, The Maxwell Leadership Reading Plan
Psalm 119

The longest psalm in the Bible is a song about the priority of the Word of God. For 176 verses, Psalm 119 holds high the words and wisdom of God and convinces us to treasure it more than anything else in life.

Why is this challenge so crucial for us? Leaders in our world face two realities:

  1. Change happens faster than ever, so leaders must remain adaptable.
  2. We need timeless values more than ever, so leaders must remain principle-driven.

Psalm 119 provides a roadmap for getting the wisdom, values, and principles we need to lead effectively. Consider what Psalm 119 teaches about adopting God’s Word as our source for leadership principles. Our leadership will…

  • be blessed (vv. 1, 2)
  • remain pure and ethical (vv. 9–11)
  • be strengthened and revitalized (vv. 28, 149, 154–159)
  • insightfully answer criticism (v. 42)
  • enjoy liberty (v. 45)
  • gain wise counsel when needed (v. 66)
  • remain steady even when afflicted (vv. 67–72, 92)
  • display more insight than our teachers (vv. 99, 100)
  • be enlightened and intuitive (vv. 105, 130)
  • have a reliable guide even for new issues (vv. 129, 160)
  • enjoy inward peace and poise (v. 165)
  • get divine help (vv. 173–175)

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